Hidden Authorial Labor in the Early Modern Social Network

November 1, 2017
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Hurst Lounge, Duncker Hall

J.R. Ladd, Research Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University

Social network analysis makes it possible to retrace a large number of relationships and joint efforts at once. Using the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon network of who knew whom in early modern Britain, what hidden writerly labor can we find in these social networks, and how might it change our conception of who “counts” as an author in the period?

A seminar lunch in Umrath 201 open to all faculty, staff, graduate students & advanced undergraduates will be held November 2 at 12 p.m.  Please RSVP by 10/25 to reserve a lunch.
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6 degrees of francis bacon graphic