15 units are required to complete the DASH Graduate Certificate. Most students are able to count 6 units dually between the requirements of the certificate and the doctoral degree requirements.  Students should consult with their doctoral advisor and the DASH Certificate advisor to determine which courses may be applied to both degrees.

For 15 units total, students must take:

  • 6 units from the Core Curriculum
  • IPH 599 Internship – 3 units of directed research on a faculty project affiliated with Digital Humanities, which many students will undertake during the Humanities Digital Workshop’s summer program
  • IPH 590 Digital Humanities in the Classroom (3 units)
  • 3 units from the list of electives


Students interested in pursuing the DASH Graduate Certificate should contact the program director. Ph.D. students in good standing a should apply before the end of their second year. M.A. students are not eligible. Applicants should write a letter detailing their interest in data science or digital humanities as well as any relevant background; their letter should be supplemented by a letter of support from the DGS of the home doctoral program. Upon review, the the DASH program director will make recommendations for admission to the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences for final approval. In order to receive the DASH Graduate Certificate, students must fulfill all the Ph.D. requirements of their home department. The Certificate is granted to the student upon completion of the Ph.D.