Students who wish to obtain a graduate certificate in DASH must take 15 units of courses.  3 units come from our list of electives.

E81 CSE 131: Introduction to Computer Science

E81 CSE 204A: Web Development

E81 CSE 247: Data Structures and Algorithms

E81 CSE 247R: Seminar: Data Structures and Algorithms (1 unit only)

L14 ELit 313W: Bots, Drones, and Cyborgs: Being Human in the Age of Intelligent Machines

E81 CSE 330S: Rapid Prototype Development and Creative Programming

L53 Film 337: Retro Game Design

L34 French 3701/5701: Paris, Capitol of Modernity: A Digital Nineteenth Century

L15 Drama 390: Immersive Story Studio

L53 Film 453: Experiential Design for Immersive Media

E81 CSE 457A: Introduction to Visualization