In response to steadily increasing undergraduate involvement in research initiatives the Humanities Digital Workshop, we now offer a minor in Data Science in the Humanities (DASH).  The minor, which is home-based in the Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities (IPH) combines traditional humanities inquiry with digital methods and analysis.


Who is the minor for?

Any humanities student will feel at home in this minor and in its research community. No previous experience with computational methods is required—the core curriculum equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate fluently the field of Digital Humanities, and those skills and that knowledge are eminently “transferable.”  Computational approaches to questions in the humanities are slowly migrating from the methodological fringes of the disciplines of cultural, artistic, and historical inquiry; you will have the opportunity to engage with the emerging future of their fields—and to help shape that future.

If you have previous computational experience— as a CompSci major, for instance—you will still benefit from the minor. Grafting that knowledge to the problems of cultural and historical analysis, and working on challenging new projects within unfamiliar fields, you will become more versatile than ever (and therefore, we believe, more attractive to graduate admissions committees and potential employers).